[2015] gca51Karo: Respiratory system

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[2015] gca51Karo: Respiratory system

SEQUENCE: -Oxygen goes thorough the 2 nose cavities They go through tthere to moisten the air- Next to the Larynx-Then trachea -Next to the bronchi FUN FACT: they go through the tiny cilias that help clean the air you breathe.-Lastly to the lungs


PURPOSE The puropse of the respiratory system is to keep your heart pumping, keep organs functioning, tranfer blood and oxegen to and from body parts and organs.

FUNCTION The function of the respiratory system is to allow blood to circulate (flow) through out the body.


QUESTIONWhat I the order?

Related OrgansSystems Worked With

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOUR RESPIRATORY SYSTEM WERE TO BE OUT OF ORDER OR; DAMAGED?If your resiratory system were to out of order or damaged a disease that could be conacted from this is asthma. ASthma can not be cured, but it can be treated. An inhaler is a portable device that hold a breathable machine inside. That doesn't fully take care of disease, but limits the symptons.

ResultWhat would happened?

The related organs are the following: lungs, diagram,trachea,larynx, nose cavities, and bronchi.The circulatory also helps the resiratpory system to function. they both play major role throughout the body. body. body. body.


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