Respiratory & Circulatory System

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Human Anatomy

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Respiratory & Circulatory System

Respiratory andCirculatorySystems.

The main organs in the respiritory system are the lungs.

The main organ in the ciculatory system is the heart.

Q: What does it do? A: The respiritory system gives oxygen to the circulatory system so it can keep you alive.

Q: How do I keep healthy? A: If you want to keep your respiritory system healthy, don't smoke cigarettes. You should also excercise to keep your heart going well. One cool thing is that eating chocolate is healthy for your heart because of the sugar in it.

Did you know...?-That the lungs are the only organs in your body that float.-Horses only breathe through their noses.-Your heart can continue beating even if it is removed from the body, so basically, the heart doesn't need a body, a body needs a heart. -Chocolate is actually healthy for the circulatory system because it has a good amount of sugar.

Q: What are some diseases that affect the circulatory and respiratory systems. A: One diesease that affects the respiratory system is influenza, or more commomly known as the flu. Since it is a virus, there in no official treatment but there is a vaccine that will protect you from it. A disease that affects the circulatory system is polycythemia. This results in a serious case of death.


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