Respect the Rules

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Respect the Rules

Author: Ryan D. Brown

Behavior Management Plan- Rules

Respect for the rules! 'Hey, these are important, okay?' Just a little heads up that the next six letters of R.E.S.P.E.C.T are worth remembering. Let's try to do our best to remember them and respect one another.

Ears and Eyes on the action

Speaking out of turn can distract your friends. This does not mean raise your hand every time you need to speak. The student needs to be aware of type of action we are doing in class and how they should respond. It is the teacher's responsibility to make you aware of specific responses. When hen the teacher is talking to the class as a whole, please listen.

Everyone likes to do these things but unfortunately if we did bring in food or drink or gum we would make our friends extremely jealous, the teacher hungry, and break a previous rule of keeping eyes and ears on the action.

Be considerate. We are all different in ways that is so hard to comprehend. We must consider those differences when we disagree and not be quick to say negative things about how a friend looks, their ideas, or their actions. Let's empathize and have healthy discourse to try to understand one another. Only compliments and supportive language!

Do I have my school supplies? Do I have my homework? Is my heart beating? These are just a few questions you, as a student, can ask yourself before settling in. If I am not prepared, what excuse would Mr. Brown most likely accept? Hopefully you are not thinking about this one.

Whether listening to me, multimedia, or friends in a group, your focus is on the lesson. We are generating energy through positive action. Positive action plus energy equals synergy. This is needed for proactive students!

Speak in turn

Prepare for the lesson

Consider your friends

Eat, drink, and chew gum outside

Think about the right way to move.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. the rules!

The teacher will demonstrate before each activity in class. We all like to move and get into a variety of groups so listen for instructions and walk, move desks, furniture etc. quietly and quickly.



R.E.S.P.E.C.T. !


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