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Some Examples of resistance that happened in Canada

Matters came to a final head on September 25th when Mohawks began to try and disrupt the military perimeter and when the soldiers turned an ineffective water hose on the natives, the responded by throwing water balloons and taunted the soldiers.

Oka mayor Jean Ouellette approved the expansion of the Oka golf course onto the land claimed by the Mohawks, which included sixty luxury condos and 9 additional. Some Mohawks decided to take action and set up barricades to the development sites.


The women of the Gitga’at Nation of British Columbia planned to erect a symbolic blockade made of yarn across the Douglas Channel on Friday to protest against the federal government’s approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Today the camp is denying access to Aspen Planers the company who will be trying to start up their logging again in Junction Creek any day now. It is the wish of Xwisten elders, the camp, children of Xwisten among many others that there be no further logging in this area of their territory.

Indigenous opposition to Meech Lake was staunch and vocal, in large part due to the fact that the privileged white men negotiating the agreement once again refused to recognize the political concerns and aspirations of First Nations. In a disruptive act of legislative protest, Elijah Harper initiated a filibuster in the days immediately leading up to the accord’s ratification deadline, which ultimately prevented the province from endorsing the package. The agreement subsequently tanked because it failed to gain the required ratification of all ten provinces within three years of reaching a deal.








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