Residential Schools

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Residential Schools

Residential Schools

The children got physically and emotionally abused.Sexual abuse wasalso common. They wanted to "kill the Indian out of the kids.

Over 150,000 First Nation, Métis and Inuit children attended these schools between 1857 and 1996.

They wanted to "kill the Indian out of the kids."

Some children died of disease, some tried to run away. It is clear that the schools have been, arguably, the most damaging of the many elements of Canada’s colonization of this land’s original peoples and, as their consequences still affect the lives of Aboriginal people today, they remain so.-John S. Milloy, A National Crime

24 percent of previously healthy Aboriginal children across Canada were dying in residential schools.

The children were taught that their culture and traditions were lowerthan any other and that their people are "lazy, dirty and stupid."

For about 100 years, thegovernment removed aboriginal children fromtheir homes and placed them in residential schoolstrying to make them "Canadian."

Many Aboriginal children have grown up feeling thatthey don't belong in "eitherworld." Meaning they felt neither truly Aboriginal norpart of the dominant society.

The people that experiancedresidential schools will always have the memory of what happened there, it's something they will never forget.


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