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Process 4: Researching Cultures and their Cuisines

Step 4: In your group, review all the resources you have found and select ones you think are suitable. Each member has a role, so in your role you will make decisions about what you will use for your glog.

Review your Publishing Team roles here

Step 5: Once you have decided which pictures/links/videos/ information you'd like to use you can start creating your Glog. The Design Editor should start working on the layout design, with other team members contributing ideas.

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Step 2: Now you need to find out about the food of your chosen countries. You will need to find recipes and information about food and the culture. Create a folder on the computer to save any photos you find and keep a record of useful links you may like to add to your glog.

Don't forget! Include some interesting cultural information in your Glog.

Step 3: Download the Culture organiser document at the bottom of this document (in the birds feet). Start filling it out. This needs to be printed and displayed in your group folder Portfolio. You will need 3 copies - 1 for each cuisine.

Step 1. As a group, undertake this web detective activity and keep your results in your portfolio.



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