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Welcome 21st Century Learners!7th Grade ScenarioHealth Advocacy Groups

Times are tough right now for our government. The budget is pretty tight. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has to prepare a budget for the upcoming year. In this budget this agency must decide which diseases should receive additional funding for research and which should receive less than last year.To most people these decisions don't mean much. But to children with chronic diseases and their families, extra research funding is important. Additional funding may result in a cure or improved treatments for patients.Each team of students will research a serious childhood disease. Following your research you will create a presentation designed to convince the National Institute of Health that this disease warrants additional funding for research.I


What you need to find out:Disease information:1. Define it2. Symptons3. Causes4. Risk factors5. Treatments6. Support Needed for patients and families

Research the Disease

What you need to find out:Advocacy Group1. Name of Group2. Brief History3. Purpose (mission or philosophy)4. Achievements to date

21C Works CitedCreate Word document that includes all resources formatted according to Library Sheet.

WEBSITE EVALUATION:Please complete 2 website evaluation forms to keep in your > "Health & Family"



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