Research project (Walt Disney) 2013

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Research project (Walt Disney) 2013

ParksWalt Disney wanted to create a safe place for kids to go and play. He tried many ideas but didn't have the money.He tried signing with a few companys and they said no. therefore he signed with ABC and sold comics to get the amount of money needed to build the park

Animation Walt Disney started his animation career with Oswald the lucky Rabbit. He soon lost the rights to this character to universal studios. He later made a similar piece but using a mouse in stead. This is how Mickey Mouse was made.

Walt Disney

Childhood As a child Walt lived on a farm. He had a hard school experience leading to his great ideas in art.As a boy he was beat by his father.when his father got sick they had to sell the farm they lived on and move to Kansas city.

Later in lifeAs he got older he was sent to fight in the war. he enjoyed doing this. when he returned he lived with his brother and paid him five dollars a week.Together the launched Disney Brother Studios in 1923

By: Rachel Bercaw

He is important to history because he mad an american icon (mickey mouse).