Republican Party

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Social Studies
American History

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Republican Party

chapter 15 section 2

John C. Fremont The repudlicans needed a strong presidential canidadate in 1856 to stengthen their party. They momiinated John C. fremont. Fremont was nicknamed "the pathfinder."

Dred scottDred scott aruged that he was a free man because he he had lived in territories where slaves was illagel. Scott's wife and thier two daughters also sued in court for their freedom. Scott case, Dred Scott V. Sandford, reached the surpreme court in 1856.

The court decision

The Repudlican party

This is dred scott

dred scott in court

John C. Fremont

abraham lincoln was our 16th president

The know-nothing party

The whig party

About the republican party

Harper ferry


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