Republican Party

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Republican Party

Abraham Lincoln- First Republican President- Advocated and passed the 13th Amendment- Lead to Unifying the States by ending Civil War- Former President

Republican Party

Famous Leaders

Present Leaders

Social Issues

Theodore Roosevelt- Known for Foreign Policy, "Big stick Ideaolagy," meaning negotiate peacifully, but threat with a big military - Started the National Park System- Advocated and helped build the Panama Canal- Former President, Vice President, and Governor of New York

Ronald Reagan- Lead to knocking down the Berlin Wall, and ending the Cold War- Provided Tax cuts, de-regulation, and domestic spending- Former President, and Governor of California

John Boehner- Speaker of the House of Representatives- Republican from Ohio's 8th District

Eric Cantor- House of Representatives Republican Majority Leader- Republican from Virginia's 7th Dristrict

Mitch McConnell- Republican Senate majority leader- Kentucky Repubilcan Senator

Gay Marriage


- Against abortion- Pro-Life(meaning every life is special, born or unborn)- Support adoption and abstinence-Support a human life amendement to ban abortion- Disagree with government abortion funding

- Beleive marriage is between a man and a woman- Beleive marriage is not the bussiness of the Federal Govt.- States shouldn't recognize gay marriages from other states- Believe in a constatutional amendment defining marriage between a man and a woman



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