Republican Nominations

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Republican Nominations

Republican Nominations

Donald Trump

Dr. Ben Carson

Former Governor of Florida.The third Bush to run for presidency, Mr. Bush has a strong conservative record from experience as the governor of Florida. A staunch supporter of the Death Penalty, reducing taxes and reducing the reach of the State Government. More lenient on the issue of immigration and with a background of Latin American Affairs; Jeb may represent the best option for incoming immigrants to our Country.

Jeb Bush

Former CEO of Hewlett-PackardThoroughly educated in Business Administration and marketing, Fiorina stands alongside Trump as a possibility for Repairing the National Deficit. She opposes Abortions, is against "Fears of Climate Change," and supports the traditional Hetero-sexual Marriage. While her gender may work in her favor, her conservative inclinations stregthen her chances for winning the Republican Ballot

Business TycoonKnown as the "Wildcard Cadidate," Trump is known for his acerbic and unapologetic attitude and his fame on the Hit TV show "The Apprentice." The current front runner of the Republican Primary with 34.8% of the projected republican votes (according to Huffington Post). From New york, this enthusiastic Magnate plans to strictly regulate illegal immigration

Formerly a neurosurgeon and born in Detroit, this reluctant politician is a man who speaks in his mind. Carson is hesistant to be affiliated with any political party, but most closely with the GOP. His current stances include traditional marriage, the perils of Political Correctness and Government Sponsored Health Savings Account instead of the Affordable Care Act

Former Senator of FloridaAmong the youngest of candidates, this Natural Born Cuban American is uniquely popular among Latino Voters. He supports a flat federal tax rate; opposing the Capital Gains Tax. Furthermore he has gone on record that taxes should never be raised during a recession. He is also strongly Pro-Life, opposes Same-sex marriage, and opposes recreational marijuana.

Marco Rubio

Ted Cruz

Senator from TexasThe "Other" young republican and the most prominent member of the intellectual spine of the Tea Party movement. He is often spoken of being one of the most "Brilliant" members of the Current Senate. While questions have been raised about his eligibility due to his place of birth, Canada, the HARVARD LAW REVIEW has gone to bat in support of his candidacy.

Carly Fiorina


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