Republic of Singapore

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Republic of Singapore

1° 22' N 103° 48' ESoutheastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indoesia

Hot, humid, rainy monsoon seasonprecipitation per yr: 2346mmHigh/Low temp per : 31'c, 24'cHuminity: 84.2%

Republic of Singapore

Currency: Singapore DollorImports: Minerals,machinary euipment, fuels, chemicals, foods and etc.Exports: pharmaceuticals,chemical and refine petroleum products.

2/3 of Singapore is below 15m of elevation. Highest point is Mt. Bukit Timah, which is 177m high. and the logest river is Kallag River, 10km

Singapore National Anthem:Majulah Singapura(onward Sinapore)

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Government Type: Perliamentary Government Curren leader: Tony Tan Keng Yam

Singapore facts:Capital: Singaporeehthnic Groups:Chinese 76.8%, Malay 13.9%, Indian 7.9% and otherPopulation: 5,460,302 GDP: $276.5 billion Per Capita (PPP):$60,900


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