Republic of Ireland

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Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland

Basic Information

Name of the country: IrelandCapital: DublinPopulation: 4.6 millionLanguages: Irish and EnglishGoventment: a parliamentary democracy Area: 27,133 sq miFormation: low-lying mountains surrounding a central plain and several rivers GDP: $236.4 billionCurrency: Euros


Ireland is part of Europe and is located next to The United Kingdom and France. Ireland's capital is Dublin and was fouded by the Vikings. A important part of Ireland's history was it's Free State and Republic. Ireland was the free state but came to an end in 1937 when the citezens voted by plebiscite to adopt a new constitution. Under the new constitution of 1937 with an elected president the Irish state was renamed Ireland.

The climate of Ireland is rainy from 42-60 degrees f. It is cool in the winter and warm in the summer. There are low lying mountians surrounding a central plain and rivers. The River Shannon is the island's longest river at 240 mi long. Tourism one of the biggest contributors to the economy in Ireland. In 2014, over 7.3 million people visited Ireland. The Dublin Zoo is a famous Zoo in Ireland.


The most popular sports are Gaelic football, hurling, soccer, rugby union and hockey. Christianity is the most widely practiced religion.The national holiday in the Republic of Ireland is Saint Patrick's Day, March 17th and is celebrated with parades and festivals. Some of their favorite foods are soda bread,Boxty, and Blarney. They wear skirts or jeans and a collared shirt. Ireland has three levels of school- primary, secondary, and higher education. Approximately 37% of the population has a college degree which is among the highest percentages in the world.



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