Republic of Cote D' Ivore

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Republic of Cote D' Ivore

Felix houphouet Boigny stadium{FHBS}



Republic of Cote D' Ivore: Peter Sponaugle

The map of Cote d' ivore major cities and capitals

The capitals of Cote D' Ivoreare Yammousoukro as it's political Capital and for it's economic Capital it would Abidjan but its real capital is Abidjan

Languages of Cote d' Ivore:- Official Language/ French- Dyula dialect of Arabic- Agni is spoken in the east - Baoule is spoken in the central part of Cote d' ivore-Nouchi is spoken part french/ African Languages.

Ivorian cusiene: Alloco is an ivorian snack made from fried Plaintain. It usually has the side dish of chili peppers and onions. Alloco is the must commonly eaten snack in Cote d' Ivore

Names of Cote d' ivore: -Republic of Cote d' Ivore. - Cote d' ivore. -Ivory Coast.

Cote d' Ivore was originally founded be france who set up colonies in Cote d' ivore.

The population of Cote d' ivores major cities:- Abidjan/ 3,667,115- Abobo/ 900,000- Baouke/ 567,481- Daola/215,652- San pedro/196,751- Yamoussokro/194,530- Karhogo/167,359- Man/139,341- Divo/127,867- Gagnoa/123,184

Religions in Cote d' ivore:Islam/ 20-30 % Christanity / 15- 30 %Muslims tend to live in the northwhile christians tend to live in the south.

Commonly eaten food in Cote d' ivore:- Tubers - Spices- Grains - Ivorian snails- Chicken - Cassava- Seafood- Fruits- Vegatables

Natural research of Cote d' ivore:Cote d' ivore is the largest producer of cocoa beans. There cheif crops are Coffe, Banana's, Oil palms which oil palms produce Palm oil.

Family life in Cote d' ivore: The Father is head of family until he passes. Then if there is no son the mother takes head of the family and is called (La Vielle)

There are modern films and dancing for entertainment and for sports they choose soccer basketball and more.

Cote d' ivore has a Republic and the current leader is AlassaneOuattara. There old president who served since 1933 is Felix Houphouet Boigny. There Prime minister since 2012 is Daniel Kablan Duncan.

AirlinesAir France AirlinesJetblue AirlinesEmermates airlinesDelta airlines Brusels airlinesUnited airlines Turkish airlinesEthiopian airlinesEygptAirArkAir

popular places to visit in cote d' ivore are the cathedral which was made 7 times.paid by felix houphet boigny.


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