[2014] zkemp: Reptiles

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[2014] zkemp: Reptiles


Living on land:35 million years after amphibians moved on land, they began to change.They grew very dry, thick skin that did reduce water loss. Also, their legs changed and grew stronger so they could easily walk. The reptiles also laid eggs that didnt dry out on land, which is called an amniotic egg.They were known as the first animals to live out the water.

What is an amniotic egg?An amniotic egg is produced by reptiles, birds, and egg-laying mammals. The egg usually contains a large amount of yolk that is usually surronded by a leathery or hard shell, which the embryo grows and develops.

Body TemperatureNearly all reptiles are ecotherms which means that they cant keep a stble body temp.The reptles are active when its warm and slow down when its cool.Few reptiles can get heat from their own cells, but most live in mainly mild climates.

Reptiles lay eggs that wont dry out on land, unlike amphibians.

Reptiles have thick, scaly skin that keeps them from drying out.Reptiles have lungs and depend on their enviroment to control their body temp.A tough shell protects the embryo and keeps the egg from drying completely out.Reptiles reproduce by internal fertilization. There are four main groups of reptiles, which are, turtles and tortoises, crocidiles and alligators,lizards and snakes, and tuataras.

Reptile Reproduction:Most reptiles reproduce by internal fertilization. A shell is formed around the egg after the egg is fertilized inside the female.After that, the female lays her eggs. Most reptiles lsy their eggs within soil,sand,etc. Some give birth live instead of laying their eggs. This happens because the embryo develops inside the mother, and are born live. Although, reptiles dont go through metamorphosis like other animals do so.

Turtles and tortoises:The two reptiles are distantly related. Tortoises live on land while turtles spend most of their life within water, altough sea turtles lay their eggs on land.

This is a sea turtle.

Crocodiles and alligators: They spend most time in water and eat invertebrates, fish, turtles, and mammals.

This is a tortoise.

This is a crocdile.

This is an alligator

Examples of Reptiles:


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