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Interesting factsA curios fact of sea turtles is that they cry to expulse the excessive amount of water salt that is in their eyes. Other curious fact is that they live 130 years maximum. Another curious fact is that sea turtles eggs look like ping pong balls. The last curious fact of a sea turtle is that they are more vulnerable than land turtles. The conclusion is that sea turtles are very interesting animals also cute and that they are survivors that have maintain themselves since the dinosaurs extinction


REPTILsea TURTLESSsesea turtles


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threatsseatles are in danger because humans sell their parts illegally for foodthe first threat they face is when they hatch they are in danger of being eaten by birds like seagullsgreen sea turtles suffer over population in India.

helpersMy animal is being helped by groups that try to stop the sea turtle fishing. Some foundations take care of baby sea turtles to make it trough childhood

sea turtles

dietThe sea turtles have shellfish, seaweed, sponge, crabs in their diet.

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