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Renzulli's Multiple Menu Model First page

1. Knowledge

2. Instructional Objectives and Student Activities


6. Instructional Products

3. Instructional Strategies

5. Artistic Modifications

4. Instructional Sequences



Renzulli's Multiple Menu Model was developed to provide those who design curriculum to have a variety of information and knowledge available to help make sound decisions on how to create authentic units of study. It is made up of six planning guides that help the teacher to narrow the scope of information and then flesh out the basic principles and concepts to create in-depth units. The model also encourages teachers to personalize their units to "...bring life and meaning to the content." (Renzulli et al, 2000)

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Healthy Teaching:

Renzulli's Multiple Menu Model

by Kay Mann

The Multiple Menu Model is more of a curriculum tool to help teachers improve the curriculum writing process than a total school model.

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