Renewable Energy: Solar Energy

by cherlinfernandes
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Renewable Energy: Solar Energy

Renewable Energy source: Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy?Solar energy, is simply, energy provided by the sun. Without this life on earth would end as it is a necessity for all life on earth.

Advantages to Solar Energy 1) power source of the sun is absolutely free. 2) the production of solar energy produces no pollution3) it is sustainable and a natural power source. 4)requires little maintainence5) the production of solar energy is silent.

Green plants use the sun's energy to power their own food production. Animals too, use the sun's enegy to regulate their body temperature. The sun's' energy also helps the process of the food web

Todays society has found was to effectively use solar energy as a renewable energy source for electricity.There are may options to use solar panels and other conserving resources that use solar energy. But mostly humans use the sun as a primary source of heat.

Conserve energy so the future generation don't suffer!!!



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