Renewable Energy Project

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Renewable Energy Project

What is a wind turbine?A wind turbine is a type of renewable energy that is 120m high in the air to capture strong winds and turn the winds into energy. The wind turbine has three blades called a rotor. The rotor’s blades are about 45m long and there are three blades on each rotor. Wind power has been used since 5000BC when it powered boats down the Nile River.


How is wind energy used in Australia?In Australia wind power is mainly used for electricity generation. Wind power is also used for a few other things such as pumping bore water, mainly in country areas. We have good access in Australia to wind resources, especially in the south-western, southern and south eastern areas. Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source for electricity generation in Australia.Who produces Australia's wind energy?There a three companies who own most of Australia's wind farms, they are Pacific Hydro, Hydro Tasmania and Suzlon Energy Australia Pty Limited. Origin Energy and AGL also use wind power.The Australian Government should encourage the production of wind energy because it's good for the environment. It would have less environmental impact, it will never run out as long as the wind keeps going and more can be made than will be used.

How does wind power work?The wind spins the blades of the wind turbine which is connected to a generator. The generator then changes the wind’s kinetic energy into new electricity, which can be used or sold.

Global Statistics1.In 2014, wind power saved the Earth’s atmosphere from 608 million tonnes of CO2 (Carbon dioxide).2.A wind turbine has over 8,000 parts.3.43% of all the electricity used by South Australians in July 2014 was generated by wind power, and on occasions during the month provided all the state’s electricity needs.4.241,100 wind turbines were spinning around the world a the end of 20135.It takes a wind turbine 3-6 months to make up the energy that goes into producing, operating and recycling the wind turbine after its 20 to 25 year lifetime.


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