Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy

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Energy & Environment

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Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy


Energy produced from renewable sourcesExample: Solar energy, hydroelectric energy, biomass, wind

Renewable energy

Energy produced from sources that cannot be replenished or reproduced at the rate of its own consumptionExample: Natural gas, coal, nuclear energy

Non-Renewable energy

Price fluctuation- price afflicted to the world’s unstable political environmentCarbon emission-emission causes pollution and worsening green house effectsNon-renewable: fossil fuel is expected to be depleted in less than a century

Energy problem

Rely mostly on fossil fuelsIncreasing oil prices- threatening economyHighest carbon emission per capita in the worldInvesting in development of wind energy and solar energy harvesting due to the landscape of the country

Australia energy situation

SustainableSolar energy depends on sunlight - available everyday continuously throughout the yearWind energy- wind blows everyday regardless day or night

Free of chargeSolar and wind power is available and produced naturally

Economic of renewable energy

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