Rene Lalique

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Rene Lalique

René Lalique was born April 6th, 1860. He grew up in Paris, France. From a young age, Lalique was known for his talent in art. He became interested in jewelry, and began to study the techniques of jewelry manufacturing. Soon enough, his creations were being presented and admired by prestigious jewelry companies such as Cartier. He then took over his own workshop, and his works were tremendously successful. At the age of twenty, he began to experiment with glass which led into designing perfume bottles. His work was sought after from all across the globe, and many artists attempted to immitate his style. Not long after, he abandoned jewelry and focused primarily on glasswork. Sadly, during World War II, the German military took over Lalique's workshop, and he was shut down for quite some time. Shortly after, on May 1st, 1945, he died in Paris without being able to work in his own workshop again.

Gift of Clare Le Corbeiller

Butterflies and Bats Pocket Watch

Lalique also designed perfume bottles, statues, ornaments, vases, bowls, tableware and lamps.


Rene LaliqueBy Payton Harrell

This pendant was made of gold,opal, pearl, and diamonds. It was crafted in 1901, and was given to Clare Le Corbeiller in 1998.

Spirit of the Wind

This necklace was not named. Lalique died before he could give it a proper title.

Rene Lalique- Art Nouveau


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