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Inventors and Inventions

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Rene Laennec


Renne Laennec died in 1826 from tuberculosis.

Many people such as EMT, nurses, Doctors, and other health professionals use the stethoscope. This is very useful it helps health professionals diagnose the patient if their ill.



Present Day

In 1816 Rene Laeneec invented the stethoscope. When he couldn't hear the patients heartbeat through his hand or by pressing his ear against the patients chest due to obseity.

Rene Laennec was a french physician. He was born on February 17, 1781 in Quimper France.

"That it will ever come into general use..... is extremely doubtful"

"I have no doubt whatever from my own experince of it's value, that it will be acknowledged to be one of the greatest discoveries in medicine"

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Rene Laennec

Rene Laennec was an important figure. He was not only a Doctor, but an inventor. He is known for inventing the stethoscope. Without the stethoscope many health professionals wouln't be able to detect a person's heart. This tool is very important and some people wouldn't be able to do their job without it.


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