Rene Laennec ( Karime & James )

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Inventors and Inventions

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Rene Laennec ( Karime & James )

Rene Laennec

Born ~ Quimper, France.DOB ~ February 17, 1781 AD13. DOD ~ August 13,1826 AD.COD ~ victim of the tuberculo & died at age of 45.

Rene L. created the stethoscope His contributes to the medical world were great use and still are today. He is a famous physician.

Laennec is known as the father of clinical ausculation.

He was a carefull observer. He was able to find that his patient had pneumonia that had been misdiagnosed and had alot of deaths in the past.

He also made books.One of his classic one was De l'Auscultation Mediate.

He named the stethoscope based on the Greek words stethos meaning chest and skopos meaning observer.

Made a wooden version that was designed to come apart into two segments like the one shown above.

He created the stehoscope because oneday while atending a over-weight patient whose heartbeat could not be heard or felt so he designed a tool to amplify the heartbeat sound. 1869-

WHAT IS TURBECULO?an infectious bacterial disease characterized by the growth of nodules -tubercles- in the tissues alot in the lungs.

The stethoscope ofcourse ivolved today & many doctors use it. It was a invention that is useful to us still & he contributed alot in the medical world.


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