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Rene Descartes

In his early years, Rene's mother died a year after he was born. His father sent him and his three siblings to their grandmother. He went to boarding school at age eight and earned a law degree at age twenty-two. During his schooling, he studied rhetoric, logic, mathematical arts, theology, and medicine. After he earned his degree at the University of Poitiers, he joined the army, where he met his teacher, Isaac Beekman. Later, he had a set of three very powerful dreams which, he says, determined the course of his life. He became famous for his idea "Cogito, ergo sum"(I think, therefore I am).


March 31, 1596 - Birth in France1606 - Boarding School1637 - Published Discourse on Method1614 - Law School1616 - Earned bachelorette degree in lawyyyy - Joined ArmyFebuary 11, 1650 - Death from pneumonia in Stockholm, Sweden (age 54)

1)Algebraic Geometry2) Emperical account of the rainbow3) Cartesian Geometry4) Created the coordinate plane5) Advanced the path of phycology

Lasting Impact

Rene has advanced mathematics tremendously by introducing the coordinate plane and introducing different geometric ideas. His ideas led to calculas. He has also improved philosophical thinking with his debates on truth and faith.


Rene Descartes


"I think, therefore I am."


Descartes' philosophy

Descartes' book called Meditations de prime Philosophia.

The (dreaded) coordinate plane.

This diagram shows how Descartes and his ideas were connected to different things.

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