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Rene Descartes


Born: March 31, 1596, La Haye, FranceDied: February 11, 1650Education: University of Poitiers (1616), Prytanée National MilitaireChildren: Francine DescartesParents: Joachim Descartes, Jeanne Brochard


- The French really wanted to find things out. Solve questions answer problems-When Descartes died the french said he was the father of philosify, they didnt solve anything after.- Descartes's work is amasing. He solved almost every single thing that we use like squared, graphs, fractions, reflections, also the methodoldgical sceptism.-His work is very important because it is the building blocks to what we use now, squares, fractions, graphs, everything!- Descarte's work was considered important because he created the building blocks for scociety, math, space, etc. This is why they call him the Father of Modern Philosophy- The reason I think this Philospher is very important is because without him we would still be figuring out the graphs and all of the rules. With these calculations we woudn't have buisness since Buisness uses alot of graphs. Medicene wouldn't have advanced surgical manuvers. They don't know the angle in wich the vien or mucele will be!- Before Descarte was a philosopher people descrased the fact of philosphy. They caused havik and ruin churches beliefs. Philosophers cause problems by telling people the truth which make the church loose power! The Church usually kills them to so they can't loose power.-Before the use of graphs and angles they didn't use anything. They just wondered about how shapes could be measured easily!- now graphs and angles are bieng used in childrens study material. They use graphs in many different ways.1)Buisness2 Compare things 3) Science4) Track Things



Enter your source list1) Website Title: Bio.comPublisher: A'E Networks TelevisionDate Accessed: October 18, 20142)"‪Descarte‬? - ÈÍË Googleþ." ‪Descarte‬? N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2014.3) philoshphy pages



A major event that happened in Descatarte's life wasBeginning of civil war in England (ended 1649).The beggining of the civil war was horrible and the devistation is still remembered right now! Without it England wouldn't be free!

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