Rene Descarted

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Rene Descarted

“Father of Modern Philosophy.”

"I think, therefore I am,"

Rene Descartes

His mathematics did not get him into trouble, but his ideas beyond mathematics did. He used doubt as a tool in order to advance his ideas. He was regarded as the one who changed the way we looked at the world and the universe. His philosophy offended the Church, and in 1663 the Church put Descartes' work on its Index of Prohibited Books.

Rene was the first to describe the universe in terms of matter and motion. He believed that science and math could be used to explaine everything in nature. He worked on these ideas in 1632 after returning to Paris from the army.

In the 17th century, the conventional wisdom was scholasticism. Which is where people realied upon the teachings of the church, theologians, and higher learners about the universe.Decartes questioned the scholastic tradition with theory that the universe is made up of matter. He found out that you can explaine the makeup of the universe with math and science. He made many contrubutions to the mathmatical field, but most of all he developed the theory that mind and body were distinct.

Rene was a French philosopher born in 1596 in the town of La Haye. When he was 10 years old, René attended the Jesuit college in La Flèche, where he studied many things including science and mathematics. in 1615 he entered the University of Poitiers, where a year later he received his Baccalaureate and License in Law

Rene Descartes was an innovative philosopher and a mathematician.

Decartes showing his findings to the Queen.

Decartes died on Feb. 11 1650 and was buried in a Catholic cemetery. Later he was moved to this tomb in Paris.

After Decartes a select few thought of the universe in more terms of math and science. They were more analyitcal in ther thinking. People become more enlighten in the universe and stopped relying on the Church as much. His findings also empowered other scientist to further his work. Today we still use Rene's concepts in mathematics, such as exponents and coordinate planes.




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