Renal Cell Carcinoma

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Renal Cell Carcinoma

Define: Renal cell Carcinoma forms in the tissues of the kidneys and spreads into other organs. Risk Factors: Include smoking, obesity, high blood presure, family history with the disease, also reduce exposure to Casmium and organic solventsSymptoms: Blood in your urine, non-stop pain in your side, lump in your side, random weight loss/gain, fever, and feeling exausted

The most common type of Renal Cell Carcinoma is in adults.

Wilms tumor is a type of renal cancer the commonly devlops in children under the age of 5

Renal Cell Carcinoma also known as Kidney Cancer

Renal Cancer

54,400 Americans are diagnosed with kidney cancer each year


Treatment: Surgrey, radiation, arterial emobolization, also biological, target, and chemo therapyPrevention: Don't use tobacco, maintian a healthy weight, keep low blood pressure, and avoid exposere to harmful substances

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