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Social Studies
World History

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TechnologyJohn Gutenberg- inventor of the printing press, which made it faster to copy bibles and made it easier to copy the bible in different languages. This led people to see that the church was lying to them.

LiteratureMachiavelli- wrote a book called "The Prince" which explains how rulers should rule. He also believed that you should do whatever is necessary to meet your goal(s).

LiteratureShakespeare- wrote plays and different poems during the Renaissance. His plays had morals about secular and individual rights. This changed people's perspective of life and gave people entertainment instead of always worrying about the afterlife.


ArtRaphael- Italian painter and architect he learned from studying Leonardo and Michelangelo. He created realistic portrats of people. This helped people realize that there is more to life then just the Roman Cathloic Church, heaven, and hell.

Science and Technology

ScienceRené Descartes- was a philosopher and mathematician. His philosophy was the theory of knowledge, which states that you should doubt things and accept as knowlodge the things that can't be doubted. He is also know for writing the first encyclopedia.

Science Isaac Newton- made many discoveries that still effect our world today. He was the first to discover why the planets orbit around the sun and not the Earth. The answer he discovered was gravity. He also discovered that gravity is what keeps everything from floating.

By: Caleb Johnson

Are you tired of the Cathloic Church making you pay an excssive amount of taxes, taking indulgents, and lying to you about what the bible really says. Well good news there is a new age comming up called the Renaissance. It will be a time period of rebirth and many advancments in math and science will be made. Also great works of art and literature will form during this period. The Renaissance will start in Italy in about the 14th century but hurry and get involved before time runs out.


ArtLeonardo- artist of the Renaissance who made drawings of inventions that now exist such as helicopters and machine guns. He also drew pictures of the human body and labeled certain parts that are still the names of body parts today.


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