Renaissance summer hunt

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Renaissance summer hunt

Renaissance Scavenger HuntBy: Ashley Johnstone

The Arts: The Mona Lisa

Religion: Roman Catholic Church

This image of a Roman Catholic chruch is a modern day connection to the Renaissance because churches both during the Renaissance and now bring together and unify people. Churches then and in modern day also acknowledge gifts of all kinds from those who want favors or to be sure of a place in heaven. People then often commited their lives to the Church and following religion was substantial to most similarly to present day, which has also led to different beliefs such as Martin Luther's 95 Theses and The Counter Reformation.

The Arts: The Library Hall

This image of the Second Bank of the United States in Philadelphia is a Modern day connection to the Renaissance because of the use and revival of Greek Architecture. This building demonstrates Doric Style temples which were also used in mainland Greece and other parts of Italy and Sicily. This style is both basic and sturdy.

This image of a Mona Lisa themed iPhone case is a modern day connection to the Renaissance because this famous piece of art work which was painted by one of the greatest artists during the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, is shown on this case and sold at multiple stores.

This image of a demonstration of the printing press is a modern day connnection to the Renaissance beacuse the demonstrator used the printing press to create pages of literature, meanwhile during the Renaissance, people used the printing press to spread ideas out of Italy and all throughout Europe. Knowledge began to fluorish and people could make thousands of copies of literature to read and study ancient Rome and Greece. The printing press also came in handy when an Augustine monk used the printing press to produce pamphlets such as the 95 Theses.

Technological Advancements: The Printing Press

The Arts: Greek Architecture and the Second Bank

This image of the Library Hall in Philadelphia is a modern day connection to the Renaissance because the statue of Ben Franklin demonstartes humanism, a new idea that had emerged during the Renaissance. Greek and Roman stautes made at the time of the Renaissance mainly stimulated nudes of humans and stressed the importance of human abilities and action. This building includes aspects of humanism because the sculpture of Ben Franklin shows the excellence of the individual and emphasizes the significance of human skill and life.


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