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Renaissance Project

Giovanni de' Medici (real name) was born in the year of 1475. When he was young, he was schooled along with his brother, Pietro. His father taught them in the arts of government and wealth. Giovanni grew up to be intelligent and he had a deep love for literature and art, he was devoted to his family, plus he was reasonably religious. Since he was religious, at the age of 7 he joined the Roman Catholic clergy and was made a cardinal when he was 13. When he was 16 he traveled to Rome and became a member of the college of cardinals. In 1513, he was elected pope and became Pope Leo X. During his pope years, he faced many troubles. For instance, he had to minimize foreign influence, end to the Pisan schism, and settle other troubles to the French invasion. Although he was busy, he had time for the things he loved. He held many banquets which included a lot of entertainment. In his final years, his military expedition against the French had ended on November 1521. He rarely had time to celebrate when the emperor's forces turned over four provinces to the pope's soldiers. Unexpectedly, he died on December 1st 1521 in his palace. Many had suspected that he was poisoned but the cause of death was unknown.


- He was a patron for arts and literature and made his papal court full of learning and amusement- Hosted banquets that included plays, pageants, entertainers, and musicians- Founded the Medicean Academey to seek the study of Greek classics- Sent collectors to different parts of Europe to find and return unknown volumes of Greek and Roman writers- Rebuilt the St. Peter's Church- Restored papal power in Florence- Established political power in France

Lasting Impact

He sold documents (aka, Indulgences) that forgave sinners in order to raise money for renovations of St. Peter's church


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Pope Leo X

Country of Orgin: Florence, Italy

Renaissance Project

Pope Leo X

St. Peter's Church

Statue of Pope Leo X

Martin Luther was angry at Leo X because he believed it was wrong to buy forgiveness for the sinners. Spartacus Educational, Sept. 1997. Web. 2 May 2014. .


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