Renaissance of Prometheus' Glogster (8th Grade OPSPARC 2017)

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Renaissance of Prometheus' Glogster (8th Grade OPSPARC 2017)

The Original TechnologyWe are using the Extreme Heat Resistant Ultraviolet and Infrared Sensor. It is used in spacecraft to detect various types of light radiation, and can help protect the vessel from it. The sensor works by constantly monitoring its surroundings for light radiation from the ultraviolet to the infrared wavelength.

A spinoff is an invention that is based off of another technology, which is unique to the creation it was originally used for. An example of a spinoff is how temper foam, a NASA material originally used in spacecraft seats, was innovated into memory foam mattresses.

Advantages and DisadvantagesSome disadvantages of our sensor system are (1) If someone wanted to incorporate it directly into their current vehicle, they would need to have the technology manually connected to the brake system, which could take an uncertain amount of time. Also, it could also take the same length of time to manufacture into new cars. (2) They would need to go through numerous tests that could add to the potential time.Some advantages of the invention are (1) It could considerably lower the amount of intersection car crashes. (2) It has potential to further research on car safety efficiency and/or using various wavelengths of light in transmitters and sensors.There have been other brake sytems in which the vehicle can similarly detect objects in front of it, and stop in response. I think our idea may provide a new and efficient alternative to these technlogies.

The problem that we decided to work with was intersection car crashes. They are caused most of the time by drivers who run through red lights, and hit other vehicles crossing in front of them. There are approximately 2.5 million of these crashes each year, from which come many deaths and serious injuries. Our solution to this issue is a sensor system that connects to both a car and traffic light. When the light turns red, a transmitter on the traffic light sends a signal to a reciever located on the dash, hood or roof of the car which connects directly to the brakes, slowing to car to a stop if the brakes are not already deployed. The signal would only affect the first one or two cars. The signal would be a coded sequence of different wavelengths of infrared and ultraviolet light as to prevent recreation of the signal.

We started by assembling the wheel and motor, then attached the undercarriage and control block, then built the sensor onto the motor and decorative hood. We proceeded to program it to recognize light, and to stop moving when it detected it. In that way, there were two variables that determined what it would do, similar to binary code.

Spinoff Technology

The LEV3 System


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