Renaissance Music

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Renaissance Music

Sacred musicCatholic ChurchMass: divided into five sectionsand used sacred Latin texts.1-Kyrie. 2-Gloria. 3-Credo. 4-Sanctus. 5-Agnus Dei.Motet: is a polyphonic musical setting, they were sacred madrigals.Protestant ChurchThe protestant church led by Martin Luther was seeking ways of bringing its people into a more contact with God, there grew up a tradition of hymn writing to be sung in German. It's called choral.Church music in EnglandSome composers wrote anthems. It has simple and homophonic texture and it was sung in English.16th century VenicePolychoral style: it was music for more than one choir. The most important composer in Venice was Giovanni Gabrieli.Secular musicThere are an amazing variety of styles which express every kind of human mood and emotion.


-The Renaissance (1400-1600) was a cultural movement.-It started in Italy.-It takes it name from "rebirth".-More artistic freedom and individualism.-Their rediscovered the ancient Greek ideals.-Vocal music was the most impotant.-Instrumental music also began to grow.

-Vocal polyphony was prefect, it could have four to six voices.-Sacred music was still the dominate over secular music.-Development of music printing.-New instruments.-Use of dissonances.-Dance styles (pavane, guigue, sarabande)-Use of both homophonic and contrapuntal textures in same piece.Vocal style was dominant.Texture. Three different textures:1-Monophonic music: It is simplest texture. There is no harmony and there is only one line of tune.2-Polyphonic or contrapuntal music: It's more complex texture. There is more than one tune played at the same time.3-Homophonic music: Homophony melodic line clearly has one.

Musical notation and instrumental music

Musical Notation: in the Middle Ages the notes which were used were called Neumas . Some musicians began adding flags and diffrent types of note heads. This new type of notation was called Mensural Notation.Instrumental music: The vocal music was more important than instrumental music.1-Improvisation was very important.2-Numerous transcriptions of vocal music for instrumental performance.3-Instruments wesre freely employed.4-Some pieces were borrowed and others were invented


-They live as they has done in the Middle Ages.-The number of professional musicians and interested amateurs increased.-Examples: -Josquin Des Prez (1440-1521) -Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) -William Byrd (1543-1623) -Pierluigi da Palestrina (1526-1594) -Orlando de Lassus (1530-1594) -Giovanni Gabrieli (1553-1612)

Renaissance Music

Sacred and secular music


Pur ti miro (Monteverdi)


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