Renaissance men

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Renaissance men

Renaissance men Amazing People

Francesco Petrarch He created most of humanism and started the humanist emphasis. His philosophy of humanism helped start the growth and accomplishments of the Renaissance.

Filippo BrunelleschiHe created rounded arches in the churches interior design which created an open airy space. He rediscovered the classic principles of linear-perspective construction.

Johannes GutenbergHe created the worlds first printing press and it allowed books to be produced much fast and cheaper allowing peopel to learn how to read. He also created the 42 line bible which made churched loss power.

MasaccioHe created a new style of painting when he mastered perspective by making a illusion of three dimensions in his paintings.

DanteHe wrote the Divine Comedy which would later become the Italian language.

Michelangelo BuonarrotHe painted the sistine chapel. He was one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance.

Leonardo da VinciHe helped us better understand the human body with his stuides. He also sketched the first parachute, first helicopter, first aeroplane and more.


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