Renaissance Italy

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Renaissance Italy

Milans strategic along the trade routes and also being the gateway to Italy from the north, necessitated a strong military state. Since Milan needed a strong leadership, Milan became a strong monarchy under the lead of powerful dukes.

The wealth and rich culture of Milan attracted artists like Leanardo Da Vinci

From 1317-1447 the powerful Visconti family ruled Milan and maintained stability and security. After their family line died out in 1447, they eventually came under the control of Francesco Sforza.


Renaissance Italy

Milan was important during the renaissance because they were the city thst possessed much wealth and unbelievible peices of art came from Milan. Milan was also the city that wanted to discover more about science.


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Milan was the gateway between Italy and the rest of Europe

Milan was the farthest north city-state

Renaissance Milan

One of the members of the powerful Visconti Family(Banarbo Visconti)

Milan was allies with Florence and the powerful Medici Family.


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