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Renaissance Glog

Leonardo da Vinci was probably the most important artist during the Renaissance. Not only was he an artist, but he was a scientist and an inventor as well. He study anatomy in science by disecting horses and humans. He also drew designs for an invention called the "flying machine". He is most famous for the painting Mona Lisa. One technique that artists used was called linear perspective. It used horizon line, vanishing point, and orthogonal lines. Horizon line is about at eye level of the viewer and is where the sky appears to meet the ground. Vanishing point should be located around the center of the horizon. Orthogonal lines are "visual rays" helping the viewer's eye connect points around the edges of the canvas too the vanishing point.

Da Vinci

A great renaissance artist!

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Why I chose these paintings


1) .The Last Supper: I chose this painting because it really appeals to me being a Christian I learned about this a lot. ................................2).The Sistine Chapel: I chose this painting because I have been really interested about what the Sistine Chapel looks like since it has been huge with the election of the new pope. 3).I chose The Tower of Babel because it looks really cool. 4) I chose the Crucifixtion because this means a lot to me personally.



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