Renaissance Figure

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Renaissance Figure

From:Alcala de Henares, SpainWhen:December 16th, 1485-January 7th, 1536

Interesting Fact:Catherine had six children, only one survived.This child is known as Queen Mary the First or "Bloody Mary."

Catherine of Aragon

Why Catherine of Aragon is important to history:Catherine was to have her marriage with King Henry annulled. However, she did not like this, so she brought the case to court, also bringing along the Protestant Reformation to England. Catherine also was the Spanish Ambassador to England, therefore assuring peace between the two countries. She also, singlehandedly, held off a Scottish rebellion, which could have overthrown England's power while her husband was in France.

Catherine of Aragon and King Henry, showing their heraldic badges at the coronation of King Henry. This is a 16th century woodcut.

Renaissance Paintings:Catherine is at court, defending herself and trying to prevent the anullment of her marriage to King Henry the Eighth.

Catherine of Aragon's Arms while queen

Play: Catherine's Autobiography


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