Renaissance Fair Cultural Experience

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Renaissance Fair Cultural Experience

Summary of the Rennaissance FestivalThe clothing, lack of electricity, language, and activities all created a likeness of the culture depicted in this time period. There were various social classes and shows. Examples of their advances in science, art, and government were all prevalent throughout the fairgrounds, which set the foundations for today.

Blending into the Renaissance FestivalAs a child I felt more involved, and my memories were very fond. As an adult I realized that it was more for the extremist cosplayers or for children. Playing along with their characters, allowing the actors to stay in character helped with fitting in.

Shock at the Renassance FestivalThe first time I went in middle school I had a bit of a shock. Somehow all of these theatrically inclined individuals got together and created this elaborate live action play. Though the renaissance fair was very cool to a child, this kind of large scale role playing was something I did not know how I would take in as an adult. Though everyone seemed pretty silly it was fun to see how in character everyone was and knowing that they were comfortable with who they were was nice.

The Renaissance Festival ExperienceThough we may not have fit in and may not return without a little more preparedness (maybe a costume involving fairy wings) or a child, I would not consider it a negative experience. It was fun to be thrown into a medieval culture as well as play as children for the day. By playing make believe the experience was a lot more enjoyable as we were able to fit into the culture and spirit.

Alexandra Pino

The Renaissance Festival

Relevancy to the ClassroomMuch like a person who chooses to live their life in another time period, children who are of a different culture may have a hard time in someone else’s. When you have become accustomed to a certain way of life it is hard to acclimate to someone else’s.It is important to encourage diversity and kindness in the classroom in hopes that such kindness will spread to their everyday lives.

Comfort of the Renaissance FestivalAn important realization through this activity is that if, at any time, my friends or myself felt too uncomfortable we had the availability to leave. That is not a luxery children who may feel the same level of discomfort have. Immigrants, minorities, or children who are just different have to live the lives they were given. As a future teacher it is my responsibiity to teach my students acceptace and inclusion.


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