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Social Studies

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Renaissance Blog Template

Can an individual make a difference?Following the Dark Ages there was light. Life slowly improved for those who lived during the Middle Ages. By the end of the Middle Ages many changes effected the citizens of Europe. These changes sparked fear and suspicion but now, looking back, these changes had significant influences on how we live today.Review chapter 9 of your Pathways text book. Many important figures, innovations, discoveries and creations grew from this time in the areas of science, art, philosophy, architecture, literature and other areas.Your task is to choose a topic from the Renaissance that interests you and research your topic using online and text based resources, create a glog then share you glog with another class.


Create a Glog onA Renaissance topic of your choice.

Get inspired


1) A well designed layout of the information you researched on your topic. 2) Images3) Informational text in your own words4) A video clip that's 5 min. max.5) An audio clip of Renaissance music or voice of your choice.6) Links to at least two online resources on your topic.

Design a Renaissance Topic Glog:

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