Renaissance Art: Paolo Uccello

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Renaissance Art: Paolo Uccello

Paolo Uccello 1397- Dec 10, 1475Lived in Florence, ItalyFamily/Education: ~Father was a barber~employed at age 10 by the known sculptor Ghiberti, where he helped bronze doors~was a known mathematician~was obsessed with perspective

1460gothic style with perspectiveshows the famous story of how St. George saved the maiden by slaying the dragon. shows perspective and mathematicshumanism is shown because it shows the strengths of man.

St. George And The Dragon

1432used perspective and many other mathematical works to create the piece show classicalism because of the the concept of the painting to render humanity and its strengths.

Battle Of San Romano

shows the infamous battle of San Romano in which took place in Florentine.

Renaissance Art: Paolo Uccello

Monument to Sir John Hawkwood

1436 was a monumental fresco to show the condottiero John Hawkwood. perspective with mostly dark colors except for bright red. humanism was used to show the greatness of this man along with classicalism due to the simplicity of it all.


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