[2015] Mikayla Hoffman: Renaissance

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[2015] Mikayla Hoffman: Renaissance

By: Mikayla Hoffman

Medieval Era

Rennaissance Era

Through out the Rennaissance art had many changes. One of the major changes occured with perspective. As shown in the picture above from the medieval era, the painting is one demensional and has little depth. In the painting from the Rennaissance era, there are three demensional drawings and far more depth to the painting.

In addition to the perspective, what was drawn or painted also changed. During the middle ages, religion was one of the most populart things to paint. Although in the Rennaissance they did paint religious things, they also branched out to greek and roman mythology, historicle subjects, and individual portraits.

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Artists' Viewpoints Change Throughout the Rennaissance

The architecture also changed throughout the Renaisance period. As shown above, in the medieval times buildings had thick walls with very small windows. These buildings were often dark and sometimes gloomy places to be. In the Renaissance period buildings reached new hights. With the use of arches, flying buttresses, and stain glass windows, buildings became less thick and not as dark.


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