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Inventors and Inventions

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Remote Controls


Nikola Tesla, who was a Serbian-American inventor, invented the world’s first wireless remote control in New York City in 1898. His remote control was described as the first “tele automaton”. Groups of inventors came to his demonstration of remote control boat at Madison square garden, and within the next few years he studied more about infrared rays and improved his system.

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Remote controls are now almost everywhere around us and we use them almost everyday. We can spot them when we see a wirless control of a device. For example the remote control of Tv, car, gates, projecter, and radios. With new remote controls being made everyday for something new, these remote controls make our life easier and more confortable than we have ever experienced

The remote control sends signals of infrared light which are encoded and contain information. The information contained in the infrared light gives a job to the machine which receives the information. Also the task may vary depending on the signals sent.

Nikola Tesla

How It Works


Advantages & Disadvantages

There are many advantages of remote controls over wired deviced of course. One is that it is portable and eliminates the need for wire and conduit which are expensive and high maintenance. Remote controls have higher profits and are a lot more comfortable than wired. There are also a few disadvantages of remote controls over wired devices. One is the use of battery which has to be regularly replaced, and also the limit distance is unknown to us at times where we could disconnect. One really bad disadvantage is that the remote controls have made us a lot lazier than before, and as a result remote controls have made our lives a lot easier than before.

The "missing" remotes have been found in unsual places such as toilet, fridge, bin, washing machine, and under the bed. The average Tv fan loses a remote 3.4 times a week, spending over 2 minutes each time looking for it. Remote control vehicles are made of silicone-based materials.

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