Remembering The Fallen

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Remembering The Fallen

Remembering The Fallen

The 54th RegimentThe extensive service of the Union army during the Civil War. This was the first official African American units in the US. Freed slaves from South Carolina and all over were the first to be recruited for the regiment.

Weapons Used - Light Artillary Saber: (known as the M1862) a sword used and usually kept on the hip. - Bowie Knife: carried by the confederates instead of bayonets.

My EulogyThe African American soldiers who fought with 54th Regiment taught us to fight for what we believe in even if there is a consequence. Fight for what you believe is right now matter the cost, because in the end it could have a better outcome than expected.

"The Men who made History"

Hardships of Black SoldierThey werent paid the full amount as a white soldier, they were doubted and discriminated against, mistreated, didnt have proper war supplies (shoes, etc)not enough food, diseases with no doctors to help

South (Confederates. Jerfferson Davis) North (Union. all free states ) The Civil War was know as the war between the states because of the slave states that didn't agree with that slaves should be free.

William H. Carney was the first African American soldier to recieved Metal of Honor after the Battle Of Fort Wagner


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