Remember the Titans

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Remember the Titans


Plot SummaryIn a small twon in Virginia in 1971, a high school school named TC Williams was forced to segregate. A black head coach named Herman Boone is hired to coach the schools high schools football team. Bone takes over from the current coach, the hall of fame bound, Bill Yoast. Whuch f course strikes up controversy between the town and the football team. Boone and Yoast(now working as an assistant coach) take the boys to a camp to practice and bond. After many fights and arguments, the boys on the team realize gthat they are a team and color does not matter, it is about the man beside them. The Titans went on to have a dream season goig undefeated during the regular season. Next up was the playoffs. Tc Williams played the powerhouses of the state, beating them with their captain in mind, Gary Burteer, who was paralyzed from the waist down in an automobile accident. The final play of the season was a trick play that won them the State Championship.

Quotes:Coach Boone-"If we dont come together right now on this solid ground, we too will be destroyed."Coach Yoast-"I want them to remember forever! The night they played the Titans."

Why we chose this movie:Kyle and I chose this movie because we have watched it overe since we were little kids. Also, it is about sports, so of course we jumped all over this money. It has a great theme which is whenb you come together and work as a team, the possibilities are endless.

Cast:Denzel WashingtonRyan GoslingWill PattonRyan HurstHaden PanettieneDonald FaislinWood Harris

About us:Kyle: I am a basketbll player here at TOHS I'm on the varsity teamand I've been playing since i was 6. In my free time ti like to surf or hangout with friends and go off roading. In january i will be joining the LA County Fire Department.

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Bout me:My name is Ryan and I enjoy hanging out with my friends and a challenging game of catch phrase. My favorite teacher is Mr. Thompson.


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