Religious Wars

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Religious Wars

The Eighty Years' War lasted for eighty years between 1568 and 1648. It is also known as The Independent War Of Dutch. It was fought between the Dutch and the Spanish people. It was a vicory for the Dutch as they were able to get their own republic of Dutch. The reason behind this 80 years long war was that the Dutch was dissatisfied with the rules that the Spanish had and wanted their own independence.

Every German who was a Jew would've had their citizenship taken away from them and became alien status. Jews were targeted by the Nazi and taken to concentration camps were they were killed in gas chambers and and had experiments performed on them. Throughout the whole war aound 6 million people were killed from concentration camps, out of starvatoin, over work and diseases.

Religious Wars

* Thirty Years' War is technically part of Eighty Years' War but The Thirty Years' War happened after the 12 year truce.

The Holocaust

Thirty Years' War

Eighty Years' War


1941 - The Holocaust 1648 - Thrity Years' War1568 - Eighty Years' War

The Thirty years war was fought between 1618 - 1648. It was fought between most of the European Countries and fought for various reason including religious rivalries. It was a series of wars. This period of wars was the longest and most demolishing period of fighting in history of the world. It left more than 800,000 deaths including soldiers and civilians. The treaty of Westphalia ended the war in 1648 and the map of europe was changed.

In 1609 the 12 years' truce began then the fighting resumed in 1621 and later formed to be part of the Thirty Years' War. The republic of Spain afraid of the growing power of France, finally recognized the the Dutch's Independence.

The Holocaust was fought from 1941 - 1945 and was fought between the Germans and the Jews. The Germans thought that the Jews were predators and wanted to exterminate them. The Nazi's short for National Socialist German Worker was led by Adolf Hitler. In Germany boycotts were performed to stop Jewish buisnesses.

The Spanish Army

Adof Hitler

Siege of Schenkenschans - An important seige that opened up the Dutch republic to a possible invasion


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