Religious Freedom

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Religious Freedom

Universal Declacation of Human Rights #18

What does the right say?You have the right ro profess your religion freely, to change it, and to practice it either on your own or with other people.

Religious Freedom

Example of a country that is not meeting this right: BurmaBurma's population is 90% Theravada Buddhist. The government promotes this religion over all others. People who practice other religions are denied building permits and they are pressured to convert to the majority faith. source-

Example of a country that is meeting this right: CanadaIn Canada, freedom of religion is a constitutionally protected right. It allows belivers the freedom to assemble and worship without limitation or interference. On February 19th, 2013, Canda opened its Office of Religious Freedom.


  • zviola18 5 years ago

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    i like how you put the question first leading with the answer and research after.
    -i also like the pictures, they relate witht the topic
    -maybe next time you can organize the main points in bullets or something

  • tnorton17 5 years ago

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    Praise: i like the four pictures in the middle especially the one of the world, showing that its a global issue.
    Probe:Where is Burma?
    Propose: Add more statistics and information about each country.

  • amorrison17 5 years ago

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    Praise: Your pictures are pretty awesome
    Probe: Where is Burma located on the map?
    Propose: I think you could add more details about the religious freedom of Canada and Burma

  • sdalessandro18 5 years ago

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    I like how you say a country, and then give specific information about what is happening there. The poster is easy to view and organized well. A question I have is: What do each of the pictures represent? I think there could be a few more statistics or explanations, and there are some spelling errors.

  • ewiney18 5 years ago

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    Praise: I liked that the video was straight to the point and I liked all of the pictures.

    Probe: How does Canada deal with people who are openly against religious freedom.

    Propose: Maybe next time you could add just a little bit for information on Canada.

  • ialbuja18 5 years ago

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    Praise: I like how you included a translation of the right, as well as sources and interesting pictures.
    Probe: Is there anything being done to try and achieve religious freedom in Burma?
    Propose: I would add some more statistics or specific facts to back up your point