Religious Diversity

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Religious Diversity

Religious Diversity

What is Religious Diversity? Religious diversity is simply stated as a variety of religions and religious cultures. Why Does it Exist?It exists because there are many different people living in the United States who are from another country or continent. They bring their culture and beliefs with them to America and create a diverse environment.

Possible Questions Students May Ask...Is evolution real?Is God real?Who is Jesus?How was the world really created?How did people get here?Where do we all go when we die?Is Heaven a place?

Teachers must remember to respond in an appropriate, professional and non-biased manner.

Appropriate responses to these questions include...- Telling them to speak with their parents- It is what you believe.- The answer is how you feel and what you think about it.

-Some teachers confuse teaching about religion and the teaching of religion.-Teachers are not allowed to celebrate personal religious holidays in the classroom.-It is important for teachers to remember that minority students identify and draw strength from their religion and culture. -Teachers must not offend students because of their religion.-Teachers must not favor one religion over another in the classroom.


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