Religious Baroque Art

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Religious Baroque Art

Religious Baroque Art

General Characteristics of Baroque Art:Dark, dramatic, motion/movement, very direct and obvious subjects, emotional, overlapping/chaotic

The Prodigal Son-Rembrandt van Rijn In this painting Rembrandt depicts the idea of Christian solemnity through the well-known story of the Prodigal Son. Some characteristics of the baroque period found in this painting are: religious undertones, dark and dramatic coloring,

Raising of the Cross-Peter Paul Rubens This painting is a triptych displaying the crucifixion of Jesus. It is very characteristically baroque in that is is very chaotic and emotional, and although there are many subjects that can be said to be the focus of this picture, the main one of each third is very clear-Jesus in the middle, the women on the left, and the man on the horse in the right.

Ecstasy of St. Teresa-Gian Lorenzo Bernini In this sculpture, we see St. Teresa visited by an angel and being pierced with an arrow. We can see the baroque aspects of chaotic, dramatic art even though there are no colors or dramatic contrasts because it is a sculpture rather than a painting.

The Calling of St. Matthew-CaravaggioThis painting depicts Matthew 9:9 where Jesus calls Matthew to be his disciple. The dark contrast and chaotic tone of the picture are two baroque characteristics depicted here.

Christ in the House of Martha and Mary-Johannes Vermeer Here, Johannes Vermeer depicts the story of Jesus visiting Martha and Mary. The background and a lot of the colors are very dark, which is a baroque characteristic, and even though it is not a chaotic picture, which is stereotypical of religious baroque art, the subjects are very defined and it is obvious what they are doing.

Athough there were many different types of scenes depicted during the baroque art period, religion was a very common theme, and within that were dark, chaotic paintings that were meant to evoke emotional responses from viewers.

By Kate Pinto


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