Religions: Islam & Christianity

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Religions: Islam & Christianity

ChristianityDaniel Kulti

IslamDaniel Kulti

Christianity's found is Jesus Christwho was born to fix all the bad sins on Earth. Anyone who followed Jesus Christ were called Christian. A loyalist to Jesus Christ. Christian got its name from Jesus Christ. The name Christ is in the word Christ - ian. Christianity was founded in Bethlehem, Israel, during 4-6 B.C.

Christianity's Founder


Christianity SymbolsThe Cross & The Fish

The CrossThe cross represents how Jesus Christ gave his life to save the people. He died on the cross to give everyone freedom and honor.

The FishThe fish symbol represents Baptism. Baptism is where a preacher dunks someone's head under some Holy Water to get rid of all the bad thoughts they've ever had. Holy Water is water that has been very blessed. The letters: IXOYE means this: I - Means Iota. X - Means chi. O - Means theta. Y - Means upsilon. C/E - Means sigma.

Islam's FounderProphet Muhammad is the founder of Islam. He was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, during the time 570 A. D. Muhmmad was an orphan at an early age; then was founded by his uncle Abu Talib. After his childhood, Muhmmad worked as a murchant. During his life after his childhood, Muhmmad would sometimes hike up several mountains and preform prayers. At age fourty, too a hiking up mountains to pray, he was visited be God and recieved the first revalation. Later, he claimed that God is one person.

Islamic SymbolsThe Star and Crescent

The Star and CrescentThe Star and Crescent is the main Islamic Symbol. It represents the flags of many countries in the Islamic world, mostly Turkey and Pakistan. It's sometimes colored white with a green background. The symbol was created during the Ottoman Empire.

Islamic BeliefsIslams teach Monotheism. It's believed that in the Islam religion, there is only, one God. In Islam, there are Six Pillars of Faith: Belief in Allah, his angels, his books to mankind, his Prophets and Messengers, the Day of Judgment, and Destiny. Islam teaches that there is one unique God: Allah who should be worshipped and obeyed. Islams believe that Allah created unseen creatures such as Angels.

Islam Quotes* "Righteous is he who believes in Allah and the Last Day and the Angels and the Scriptures and the Prophets."*The word Islam means peace. The word Muslium means One Who Surrenders to God. But the press makes us seem like haters.* Islam teaches tolerance, not hatred; universal brother hood; not enminty peace, and not violence.

I - LotaX - ChiO - ThetaY - UpsilonE/C - Sigma

Christianity BeliefsChristians teach not Polytheism but Monothesim. They belive in only one God. Christians believe in their religion by faith - that through their belief in Jesus as the Son of God, and in his death, they can have a right relationship with God whose forgiveness was made once and for all through the death of Jesus Christ.

Location of ChrisianityMost Chrisians live in North America. These areas and conturies are: U.S.A., Southwest area of Canada, most of Alaska, and Mexico. The second spot, not far from North America, is South America. This includes alot of Brazil, which is a big popular South American spot for Christians, and the rest of South America except the area in the middle. African conturies that are mostly Christianity, is the following: Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia. The European Christianity conturies are Germany, Sweden, and Italy which are the most popular Christianity conturies. The most popular Asian Christianity contries are: Russia, China, and North and South Korea. In Australia, a large population is Christianity, about over at least fifty percent of Australia is Christianity. That has been, the most popular Christianity spots, in the world.

Location of IslamIslam is most popular near the Southwest part of Asia and the Northern part of Africa. Other spots are the most Southern part of Asia right above Austalia. The main location of Islam is in the cities Mecca and Medina in Saudia Arabia. Those two particular cities warship Islam exteremly important. Within it, is the big large stadium called, Dome of the Rock. That's where all Islams in Mecca, must go inside the King Abdulaziz Stadium every morning and pray for their own religion. At least twenty five percent of Saudia Arabia's citizens are Muslims. So therefore Saudia Arabia is the most popular contury for Islam because that's where Muhmmad Ali was born and founded.

Chrsitian HolidaysChristmas & Easter

ChristmasOn December, 25th, Christians celebrate a holiday called Christmas. It's where Christians celebrate the birthday of Christianity's founder Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was born on December, 25th, the day of Christmas. Christmas is named after the word Christ in Jesus Christ which makes up the word Christ - mas. The tradition is that every year around Christmas, a Christian family would get a tree, decorate it, and put in their house. Then the fanily would get presents and wrap them, put them under the tree, and wait until Christmas morning to open them. Then later, the family would have a feast of food and the main coarse of the Christmas feast is a ham. Then that's the end of Christmas and you go to bed. Another tradition, for little kids, is Santa Claus. Parents would tell their kids on Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas, that a guy named Santa Claus would come into their house and leave gifts and presents.

EasterThe day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead is on Easter. Easter occurs on the first or on the Sunday that occurs after or on the first full moon after the Verinal Equinox. Traditional activities that Christian families do on Easter is painting eggs, Easter Egg Hunts, and celebrating the rise from the dead moment of Jesus Christ. Painting eggs is when Christian famlies get some softboiled eggs and paint and dip the softboiled eggs in the paint to color it. After these long activities at the end of the day or week, the Christian families like to eat their own eggs, and eat away the softboiled eggs. Easter Egg Hunts is when parents hide eggs and their children wake up from sleeping to find them. The parents say that the Easter Bunny hide them. The Easter Bunny is a myth to where the Easter Bunny comes into your house and hides eggs all around the house. Then the kids wake up from their beds and they find the eggs that the Easter Bunny hide. Easter is the celebration of when Jesus Christ rose from the dead to help the people of the Earth and world. Jesus Christ continued to help the people of the Earth and world. And that is Easter. Sounds like a fun holiday.

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Islamic HolidaysRamadan

In the religion of Islam, Ramadan is not a holy day to Muslims, but a holy month. It is the ninth month of the Muslim year, in which Islamic holy book says the day when the Quran was sent down as a guidance for the people. The Quran is the most important book in Islam. It contains the teachings and story of the chief prophet of Islam, Muhammad. The Quran, whose name means "recitation" in Arabic, is the sacred text of Muslims and the highest in both religious and legal matters.

Christianity Holy BookThe BibleThe Christianity Holy Book is called The Bible. The Bible is used every Sunday at a Christian church. The preacher is the church's guide on learning about God. The preacher would tell the people of the church to turn to a certain page in their Bible. The preacher would read out loud and tell people about The Bible and God.

Islamic Holy BookThe QuranThe Quran is the Islamic Holy Book. The information within it is the writing of Muhmmad Ali. It shows his teachings of the Islamic religion. All musilums must follow the rules and laws of what Muhmmad Ali wrote. The name Quran cames from the word ''recitation'' within the Islamic religion.

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Christianity Quotes* “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” * “We are saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone.” * “The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.”

Christianity GlosseryBaptism: a ceremonial immersion in water, or application of water, as an initiatory rite or sacrament of the Christian church.Christian: of, pertaining to, believing in, or belonging to the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.Christmas: A Chrsitian holiday; celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.Christmas Eve: The day before Christmas.Easter: A Christian holdiay; celebrating the day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead.Holy Water: Water that has been very blessed.Son of God: A nickname for Jesus Christ; son of the Earth and world's creator and king.

Islam GlosseryAllah: The Supreme Being; God.Angels: A warshipper to God.Dome of the Rock: A major location of the Islamic religion.Monotheism: The doctrine or belief that there is only one God.Prophet Muhmmad: The founder of the religion Islam.Ottoman Empire: A former Turkish empire that was founded about 1300 by Osman and reached its greatest territorial extent under Suleiman in the 16th century; collapsed after World War ISix Pillars of Faith:The Five Pillars of Islam are five basic acts in Islam, considered mandatory by believers and are the foundation of Muslim life.The Star and Crscent: An Islamic symbol.Quran: The Islamic Holy Book.


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