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You will need to research the following topics:1) Belief2) Ritual3)Intellectual Dimension4)Experience5)Consequence

You will be assigned one of the five major religions:- Hinduism- Buddhism- Judaism- Christianity- Islam4) Hinduism5) Judaism

The Major Five Religions Project

Belief -what a person considers to be true.Monotheistic or Polytheistic? Other major beliefs

Ritual -a religious practice that the members of a religion are expected to perform.What rituals are followers expected to perform?

Exerpience -feelings attached to religious expression

Consequence -the decisions and commitments people make as a result of religious beliefs, rituals, knowledge, or experiences.Example - telling the truth regardless of the cost

intellectual dimension -knowledge of holy or sacred scripture or an interest in such religious aspect of human existence as evil, suffering, and death.What things must the followers be knowledgable about?


Show us something(5 Points)

Say something (10 points)

Hit all five aspects of religion.Be clear.Be accurate.

Make a poster to present your information. Be creativeDon't distract from the info


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