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ReligionSophia K, Naeela, Jordan L, Nolan

Muslims believe in one God, The Islamic religion is monotheistic. They also follow some strict rules such as men can only dance with men and women can only dance with women. Muslims believe in peace

It started in Saudi Arabia in the Seventh century. The Islamic religion was one of the first religions. Islam is monotheistic - Muslims believe in one god




Sacred Texts:Hadith, Quran

There is a lot of prejudice towards Muslims and the Islamic religion solely because of a few things tha happened in our history that involved people that just so happened to be Muslim or connected with the Islamic religion. An example would be 9/11. Now all of a sudden, people have developed hatred towards Muslims even though it wasn't them who did anything, it was a bad group of people who happened to be in Pakistan at the time. Now American airports are making innocent people go through extra security only because their skin is a little bit darker.

The Islam religion is practiced by Muslims. There ruler is Allah and the prophet’s name is Muhammad. According to the religion, Muhammad was the last prophet and the best prophet in the religion. The word/name “Allah” means, “the one true god” in arabic. It is said that Muslims are about 25% of the world’s population. Since 2010, about 1.6 million people follow the Islam religion. All Muslims treasure the Kaaba building because it is the first House Of God in Islam. In Islam, the Kaaba was built by Adam. Muslims believe in the Christ but they don't think he was the son of their god (Allah). Muhammad had a beard therefore, some Muslim men have one to for honor. Muslims follow two laws; Manmade Laws and Allah’s Law or the Sharia. Allah’s Law is to never steal, lie, divorce, gamble, and eat pork and alcohol. The Islam religion have interesting principles and origins.

muhammad (and may peace and blessing be upon him) he is a special prohpet a prophet is a specialperson from allah(meaning god)

Muslims believe in God, and the name for their god is Allah. They believe that Allah sent many prophets to mankind to teach them how to live according to his law. Some examples of prophets he sent were Jesus, Abraham, and Moses.


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